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OAC Attends the Opening Ceremony

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ สำนักศิลปวัฒนธรรม
2019-07-30 10:28:58

OAC Attends the Opening Ceremony

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On 15th July 2019, Anantachai  Aeka, the Director, Dr.Siriman  Wattana, the Deputy Director and curators of the Office of Arts and Culture attended the opening ceremony of  Tattoo COLOR, Tattoo HONOR  exhibition at Museum Siam. “Tattoo Color, Tattoo Honor” is co-organized by Taipei City-based National Taiwan Museum and the Museum Siam. It spotlights related customs in the Southeast Asian country and among Taiwan’s Atayal and Paiwan indigenous peoples. The exhibition would run through 27th October 2019 on Tuesdays – Sunday at Museum Siam.